Wubbzy’s Paper Plate Dinosaur

Activities, Arts&Crafts | By iWubbzy | January 30, 2013

Dinosaurs have been extinct a long time on earth. Don’t you wish you lived in Wuzzleburg and could take a trip to Dino Island? Wubbzy, Walden, Widget and Daizy really like visiting their dino friends there, and sometimes they’ll share a cupcake or two with them!

Dinosaurs are fascinating, not only to Wubbzy. Lots of kids are really into dinosaurs and paleontology. It’s amazing when kids suddenly start talking about Parasaurolophus and Triceratops…Such big words! In the world of Wubbzy the dinosaurs are friendly and super kooky, with names like Sillyasaurus and Pointybeakadon.

If your child loves dinosaurs, Wubbzy has a fun and easy activitythat kids and adults can do together. In this fun art project involving mainly household items (see the full list of materials and the instructions on the printout below). Now, you can make your very own dinosaur! Then you can give it a silly made-up name!

Have fun making your very own dinosaur, and you can create a different shape for the head or body to make an original Dino Island inhabitant. Your dinosaur has a pocket to hold papers, stickers or cards. Hang it on the fridge to store coupons!

When you are finished making your very own dinosaur, you and your little dinosaur lover should cuddle up and enjoy the story of Wubbzy's visit to Dino Island on your tablet or smartphone. "Wubbzy's Dinosaur Adventure" is a fun and interactive storybook app that will charm dinosaur lovers of all ages. Roaaaar!

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Wubbzy’s Soapy Snowman Project!

Activities, Arts&Crafts | By iWubbzy | December 21, 2012

It’s Wintertime in Wuzzleburg!

Wubbzy and his friends love, love, love making snowmen, but what do you do when there is not enough snow outside? You can make a snowman in the warmth of your own home out of soapy soap! When you’re done with the project, the soapy snowy snowman can be used to decorate your bathroom for winter, is a fantastic gift, or can make bath time more fun! Making snowmen is a super fun holiday activity, and thanks to our friends at the South Bend Museum of Art this Wubbtastic idea is perfect for everyone!

Wubbzy's snowman project

What else does Wubbzy like to do this time of year?  Wubbzy loves to wrap presents, dress up the Wuzzle-Tree and spend time with his friends in Wuzzleburg.  Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy love to go sleddy sledding down the Hills of Wuzzle, after which they drink hot chocolate by a toasty warm fireplace.  What fun!

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Wubbzy’s Penguin Footprint Project

Activities, Arts&Crafts | By iWubbzy | December 14, 2012

Wubbzy and his friends love making decorations and crafts to celebrate the holidays and keep warm when the weather outside is cold. Kids will love this fun artey art project from Come Together Kids.  Using regular household materials you can follow the simple instructions and add in a little of your own creativity to make a penguin footprint masterpiece! This project was a hit with Wubbzy and all of his friends. The penguins of Wuzzleburg loved it too!

Wubbzy's Penguin Footprint Project
Have your child trace his or her feet onto black construction paper, or for some messy fun, you can paint the bottom of their feet with black craft paint, and make a footprint directly onto paper. From there, the project is all about creativity and giving each penguin its own personality.

When you are done, display your festive winter artwork at home to celebrate the season! What an adorable way to decorate! Wubbzy suggests putting your art over the fireplace and having a cup of chocolatey cocoa while you admire your work. If you are looking for something to read while you keep warm by the holiday yule log, check out Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas, available now!

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Wubbzy’s Train Engineer Hat!

Activities, Arts&Crafts | By iWubbzy | December 11, 2012

Wubbzy and his friends love riding the Wuzzleburg Express toward their latest adventure! Since Wubbzy and his friends love doing art projects, they decided that they could have a make-believe train adventure even when they aren’t riding the train! They made their very own engineer’s hat and you can too, by following the instructions below. It’s easy!

In the deluxe story experience app, Wubbzy’s Train Adventure, Wubbzy and his friends take a ride on the Wuzzleburg Express. Destined for their favorite Kooky Karnival, the characters must overcome fun, silly and unexpected obstacles when the train breaks down, but in the end, it all ends well for the Wuzzle friends. Hop on the Wuzzleburg Express and see for yourself! All Aboard!

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Wubbzy’s Winter Clothes

Activities, Colouring Activity, Cut-out Activity | By iWubbzy | December 07, 2012

There are lots of fun things to do in Wuzzleburg during the winter time. When Wubbzy and his friends stay inside where its warm, they love to read books, do crafts and sing sing-a-long songs. Wubbzy and his friends love being together by a nice, warm fire with a mug of hot chocolatey cocoa, celebrating fun winter holidays like Christmas and Hannukah.

It’s lots of fun to stay inside when it’s cold and snowy out, but there are lots of fun things to do outside too! Wubbzy and his friends can’t stay inside all winter! Wubbzy  loves to skate on the frozen ice, sled down the snowy hilly Hills of Wuzzle, and build snowey snowmen! Winter is a time for snow angels, snowball fights and skiing across the frozen ground. But because its so coldey cold outside, winter is a time to bundley bundle! Winter is a time for hats, scarves, snow-pants, and snowshoes. So before Wubbzy goes out to play, he’s got to gear up for the coldey cold weather! Help Wubbzy warm his fingery fingers and toesey toes. In this activity you can help Wubbzy dress for winter.

Print out this fun activity and color in Wubbzy and his winter accessories with markers or crayons. Cut out Wubbzy, and each item of clothing that you want to dress him in. Then dress Wubbzy with his winter warmers using glue or tape! Take Wubbzy’s advice this winter and avoid the chilly chills! Dress warmly before you go out and play…

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Wubbzy’s Adventures on the Wuzzleburg Express!

Activities, News | By iWubbzy | November 30, 2012

Chugga chugga! Choo! Choo! Toot! Toot! The Wuzzleburg Express is approaching Wuzzleburg station! It’s so exciting to see the big shiny cars, hear the whistle, and feel the ground shake as the train pulls up. Wubbzy and his friends love to ride the train! In the new storybook app, “Wubbzy’s Train Adventure,” Wubbzy, Daizy, Walden and Widget board the Wuzzleburg Express destined for a Kooky Carnival. But,”Wow! Wow!,” are they in for a bumpy ride!  When the train breaks down, it is up to the Wuzzle-friends to save the day. How will the gang get the Wuzzleburg Express back on track?

This deluxe story experience has fun interactive features on every page, like moving trains, talking characters, a dunk tank, a rollercoaster and much, much more. “Wubbzy’s Train Adventure” is hours of fun for Wubbzy fans big and small. Check it out on iTunes, AmazonGoogle Play or Barnes & Noble.


Here is Wubbzy’s favorite poem about trains!


Wubbzy’s Trainey Train

Clickity, clackity, clickity clack!

Wubbzy’s trainey train speeds over the railroad track.

It rattley rattles, and rolls along,

schreechey screeching its songey song.

its freightey freight cars jiggley jiggle along.

Clickity, clackity, clickity, clack!

The enginey engine is big and black.

Filled with goodies for girls and boys

like doodleberry candies, and super fun toys.

Clickity, clackity, clickity, clack!

The engineer waves, and Wubbzy waves back.

Wubbzy, Daizy and Widget count cars on the track.

The whistley whistle blows….and blows!

Toot! Toot! Tootey Toot! There she goes!


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Wubbzy Loves Autumn in Wuzzleburg

Home | By iWubbzy | October 10, 2012

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wubbzy and his friends, Widget, Walden and Daizy, are so excited for Fall! The air is getting crisp, leaves are falling, and it’s time for apple picking, doughnuts, pumpkins and hayrides.  Everyone in Wuzzleburg loves the Fall Carnival! There are rides, and games, and special treats like doodleberry pie and appley apple cider.

Wubbzy loves poems too, and here is one of his favorite poems about the season:
Autumn in Wuzzleburg

Adapted by Ali Marchese

Wubbzy loves fall!
Appley apples and cidery cider.
Even a creepy crawly spider.
It’s pumpkins in binny bins.
Doggies with burrs on their chinny chin chins.
The wind is blowing leaves.
Chilly tails and chilly knees.
Doodleberries on the ground.
Hikes and crispy crinkly sounds.
Leaves with colors turning.
Smokey bonfires burning.
Fluffy clouds in the Wuzzleburg sky.
It’s fally fall. Wow! Wow! Wow!
That’s why
Wubbzy loves watching the seasons go by.

Wubbzy Loves Jumping in Leaf Piles!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn? Wubbzy loves jumping in leaf piles. Try going outside and making a giant leaf pile, then jumpity jump in!  What fun, fun, fun!



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Wubbzy Says Be a Great Friend to Everyone

Home | By iWubbzy | October 03, 2012

Wubbzy and his friends love everybody!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and groups across the United States will be talking about why it’s so important to think about what it takes to be a good friend and think about other people’s feelings. Wubbzy , Walden, Widget and Daizy are taking a stand to end bullying everywhere.  Always remember that friends are Wubbtastic!

Be more than a bystander, it’s time to STOP all types of bullying. The end of bullying begins with you and how you treat others.  Speak up when you see bullying and tell an adult, take some time to help friends who may need you to listen, love people for who they are, and always tell mommy, daddy or an adult how you feel. Adults can help you prevent bullying behavior in schools and your community and can even respond quickly to stop cyber bullying, helping to keep kids, just like you, safe and sound.

Know that you are perfect just the way you are and that kids can help kids. You can reach out and be a helpful friend to someone who is being hurt. Unite against bullying. Be a hero. Know that you CAN always make a difference.  There is a wealth of resources available to empower, educate and support those who want to end bullying.

Here is information for grown-ups who encounter bullying:

  • Intervene immediately. It is ok for an adult to help.
  • Separate the kids involved.
  • Make sure everyone is safe.
  • Meet any immediate medical or mental health needs.
  • Stay calm. Reassure the kids involved, including bystanders.
  • Model respectful behavior when you intervene.


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Wubbzy Gets Caught Reading!

Home, Wubbzy Says | By iWubbzy | October 02, 2012

Wubbzy is reading!

National Book Month is a good time to think about how much fun reading can be. You can take a journey to a play you never imagined existed or experience a great adventure. Wubbzy and his friends love to go to the library to discover new books. In fact, they recently found a book about pirates and it had a map hidden inside! You never know what you’ll discover inside of a book!

Wubbzy and Walden Reading a Good Book

Make reading part of your life and start your own library of favorite books.  Wubbzy’s friend Walden has a big library in his home and reading is one of his favorite activities.  Walden especially likes to read about science and art , and he learns about everything through his great collection of library books.

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Wow Wow Wubbzy! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Home, Photos | By iWubbzy | September 19, 2012

Wubbzy’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Wubbzy is looking quite fancy in his pirate hat!

Wow! All of Wuzzleburg is so excited to dress up in their Kooky Pirate Kostumes and greet each other like pirates. Ahoy mateys! It’s a great day to be a fan of pirates!  Wubbzy did a pirate jig with his friends, they sang pirate shanties, and they talked about their great Pirate Treasure adventure.  What fun, fun, fun! Argh!

What will you do on Talk Like a Pirate Day? Will you dress up and play pirate with Wubbzy or go on a search for buried treasure?


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