Wubbzy Loves Autumn in Wuzzleburg

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Wubbzy and his friends, Widget, Walden and Daizy, are so excited for Fall! The air is getting crisp, leaves are falling, and it’s time for apple picking, doughnuts, pumpkins and hayrides.  Everyone in Wuzzleburg loves the Fall Carnival! There are rides, and games, and special treats like doodleberry pie and appley apple cider.

Wubbzy loves poems too, and here is one of his favorite poems about the season:
Autumn in Wuzzleburg

Adapted by Ali Marchese

Wubbzy loves fall!
Appley apples and cidery cider.
Even a creepy crawly spider.
It’s pumpkins in binny bins.
Doggies with burrs on their chinny chin chins.
The wind is blowing leaves.
Chilly tails and chilly knees.
Doodleberries on the ground.
Hikes and crispy crinkly sounds.
Leaves with colors turning.
Smokey bonfires burning.
Fluffy clouds in the Wuzzleburg sky.
It’s fally fall. Wow! Wow! Wow!
That’s why
Wubbzy loves watching the seasons go by.

Wubbzy Loves Jumping in Leaf Piles!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn? Wubbzy loves jumping in leaf piles. Try going outside and making a giant leaf pile, then jumpity jump in!  What fun, fun, fun!



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