Wubbzy’s Winter Clothes

Activities, Colouring Activity, Cut-out Activity | By iWubbzy | December 07, 2012

There are lots of fun things to do in Wuzzleburg during the winter time. When Wubbzy and his friends stay inside where its warm, they love to read books, do crafts and sing sing-a-long songs. Wubbzy and his friends love being together by a nice, warm fire with a mug of hot chocolatey cocoa, celebrating fun winter holidays like Christmas and Hannukah.

It’s lots of fun to stay inside when it’s cold and snowy out, but there are lots of fun things to do outside too! Wubbzy and his friends can’t stay inside all winter! Wubbzy  loves to skate on the frozen ice, sled down the snowy hilly Hills of Wuzzle, and build snowey snowmen! Winter is a time for snow angels, snowball fights and skiing across the frozen ground. But because its so coldey cold outside, winter is a time to bundley bundle! Winter is a time for hats, scarves, snow-pants, and snowshoes. So before Wubbzy goes out to play, he’s got to gear up for the coldey cold weather! Help Wubbzy warm his fingery fingers and toesey toes. In this activity you can help Wubbzy dress for winter.

Print out this fun activity and color in Wubbzy and his winter accessories with markers or crayons. Cut out Wubbzy, and each item of clothing that you want to dress him in. Then dress Wubbzy with his winter warmers using glue or tape! Take Wubbzy’s advice this winter and avoid the chilly chills! Dress warmly before you go out and play…

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