Walden Goes To The Library! Wow Wow Wow!

News, Photos, Wubbzy Says | By iWubbzy | April 20, 2012

Wow! Wow! Everyone! Happy Friday! What a beautiful day it is in Wuzzleburg! Even though the weather is Wubbtastic that won’t stop our pal Walden from hitting the books at the local library!

Do you know where Walden might be? What is Walden reading? What books do you like to read?

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Wow Wow Wubbzy’s Easter Egg Roll!

Activities, News, Photos, Wubbzy Says | By iWubbzy | April 09, 2012

Wow Wow Everyone! Wubbzy got to play with all of his friends in an Easter Egg Roll! This years Easter Egg Roll was at The White House! Wubbzy got to hunt and search for eggs with Alvin and The Chipmunks, The Penguins Of Madagascar, and plenty of other friends too! Did you have an Easter Egg Hunt this year? We hope you had a fun and Happy Easter!

Wow Wow Wubbzy - Easter Egg Roll

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