Wubbzy’s Magic School


Presto-chango! Wubbzy and his friends have a lot of magic to do in this feature-rich, deluxe storybook app, Wubbzy’s Magic School! After a day at Moo Moo the Magician’s Castle, the friends learn that magic really does happen when you believe in yourself and try your hardest. Continue reading

Wubbzy to the Rescue!

Have you ever wished you could fly? Maybe you wanted invisibility, super-strength, or super-speed?  Everyone has wished to be a superhero at some point in time. How fantastic would it be to spend your day flying around and coming to … Continue reading

Wubbzy The Superhero


It’s Wonder Wubbzy and Flower Power Daizy to the rescue in this feature-rich, deluxe storybook app, Wubbzy The Superhero. No job is too big—or too small—for these superheroes. Help Wubbzy and Daizy rescue a poodle in a tree, find the lost key to Wuzzleburg and more in this madcap adventure. Kids and grown-ups will love the tap-and-play interactivity, read-along narration and fun-filled mini-games throughout. Continue reading

Wubbzy Loves You – Available Now


Wubbzy and his friends can’t wait to celebrate Friendship Day by exchanging friendship lovey love cards and attending the annual Friendship Day Parade. Join Wubbzy and Daizy on their journey to spread friendship and love on this very special day! Continue reading

Wubbzy’s Fire Engine Adventure – Available Now


Wubbzy and his Fire Engine are here to save the day! Filled with hilarious interactions, Wubbzy’s Fire Engine Adventure will have children and their parents laughing and learning with their favorite Wuzzleburg residents! Continue reading

Wubbzy’s Dinosaur Adventure – Available Now


Wow! Wow! Wubbtastic Dinosaurs! Join Wubbzy and friends in this interactive story experience that takes young readers on a fun-filled adventure all the way to Dino Island! Wubbzy befriends a Stomposaurus, Tweezertops and Sillyasaurus when he discovers that dinosaurs aren’t so scary after all! Using hands-on learning games, kids can play Dino Matching, decorate their very own cupcakes, paint storybook pages and much, much more! Continue reading

Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure – Available Now

Wubbzy's Pirate Treasure

Wubbzy has found a map in the library, and his friends Widget, Daizy and Walden join him on his quest. As you read, the four pals will need your help dressing up as pirates, catching flying speckled frogs, and feeding snappity-snap turtles, during their search for the pirate treasure. Continue reading