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Super Mom Saves 3-Year-Old's Birthday

P6250280 Since the bulk of our goodies aren't rolling out to stores until August, a lot of parents have been stuck with some pretty grouchy pre-schoolers. Melissa's son was about to be stuck without the li'l yeller feller for his birthday when she came to the rescue with her own homemade version!
How CUTE is this plushie Wubbzy? Melissa, you did a great job, and I have a feeling that some day, this homemade Wubbzy is going to be extra-special to your little boy - even more so than any store bought version. Hmmm I think there's a Wubbzy song along those lines....
Thanks for sending this to us, Melissa! Is there anyone else with their own crafty ideas? Send them our way and we'll be sure to share them with all of Wuzzleburg! - Carrie

Even More!

OK, so hopefully I'm not wearing you guys out with this stuff, but there are even more party supplies! The one above is a piƱata! HA! How cute! And I know I might be a bit goofy, but I'm really crazy about the party tablecloths that are rolling out with the party supplies (pictured below) and I discovered the little party-blowers today, as well. I think that's pretty much it for party supplies, but who knows! Every day we're getting more stuff in, so check back often! - Carrie Table Blowers

Getting Better

Every day I'm hearing about new Wubbzy goodies coming in, especially for parties! Above is the set of invitations, goodie bags, the pin-the-bowtie on Wubbzy game AND the mylar balloons that will be coming out, too! The birthday collection is getting bigger, and better every day! Don't forget - it's all rolling out in August, so check into your local party supply stores every so often to see if they're carrying them yet. Let me know when you find them, too! - Carrie

Bring on the Wubbzy Goodies!


There's plenty more where this comes from... Stay tuned. ;)


I Love When I'm Wrong!

Birthday goodies! I just got these in and couldn't resist posting about it immediately! It turns out that we DO have some other party supplies rolling out, and I know everyone is so anxious for party supplies. I give you birthday hats, candles and a banner. SQUEAL! Did you catch that birthday banner? Check out the close up below. It's so cute! Anyway, all of you with August babies, check into your local party stores to snatch up these goodies.

Flickr Finds - Pumpkin Wubbzy!

982921132_27d785676b_mI was perusing the Internet today and it came to my attention that there is an AWESOME variety of homemade Wubbzy cakes, toys, projects and other things that people are doing out there. I just can't believe how creative people get. So, once or twice a week, I'm going to try and make a point to post some of the great clips and photos that are out there.
Today's big find was this Wubbzy that Flickr user oddharmonic posted. Unbelievable! Great job on the carving! While this user downloaded the pumpkin carving from the Nick Jr. site (I'd link it, but I don't think they have the template up there any more), I don't know that I could have done as nice a job. I may be calling you up come October! - Carrie982063715_2bf673d1e9

Feeling Puzzled?

DSCN0476More new toys! These mini-puzzles will make an excellent gift for your favorite pre-schooler. They're durable and made of foam and have a little bit of everything - numbers, shapes and patterns.
In addition to these foamy fellas, there will be some regular 24-piece puzzles rolling out as well. No photo yet, but as soon as I get them I'll make sure you do, too! - Carrie

Stuck on You

DSCN0458  Check it out! While we're not coming out with party supplies, we are coming out with great party favors! These temporary tattoos are perfect for stuffing favor bags at your next birthday party. Or, if you're anything like me, you just use 'em for kicks! - Carrie

Come On and Get Digital, Digital

DSCN0456 No, that's not some freaky, robot Wubbzy... well, OK, I guess in a way it is. It's the Digi-Wubbzy!
The Digi-Wubbzy is another great fall toy you'll be able to get in August. How cool is this? It comes with 8 "kooky games and activities." Dress Up, Catching Flutterflies, Kickety-Kick Ball, Wacky Faces, Dance Party, Scooter Ride, Kooky Kowboy and Egg Catch.
I'm sure you can tell by the names, these games are too fun!
So keep those peepers peeled for this one. It'll be hard to miss on store shelves. - Carrie

Party On

DSCN0461 I know that everyone is super anxious for Wubbzy party supplies. I have my ear to the ground waiting to hear news. The good thing is - I have balloons! I know, you still have to do some work on cups and plates and banners... but balloons are a start :) This is another goody that you'll be able to find in stores in August. - Carrie