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Spencer Wood

So, our daughter just LOVES the Wubb Girlz. It is so funny watching her dance around. I'll try capturing it and sending it to soon.

Anywho, hey, any chance you can put Wubb Girlz on iTunes? I'm willing to pay for the video/show. We picked up the music video, but being an iTunes/iPhone family, the daughter would love to have the show??


Awesome job at all the music references. I expected Kiss, and Elvis. Devo, that's unexpected, although I can sense an influence from them, in a lot of the Wubbzy songs.

I'm 27 years old, and I love the show. I don't understand what's with people the USA who feel you have to stop liking kid shows when your an adult.

I wish they had this show when I was a kid. It's so positive, but in a way that's not syrupy. I also like that Widget is more of a tomboyish girl character. Having Daisy as a more feminine female character is a good balance so that all the girls watching the show have someone to identify with.

I just received the Wubbzy's Big Movie DVD I bought, after seeing the film on DirecTV Starz on Demand. It's really great, cause it has humor that adults can appreciate just as much as children.

I also really like the character who walks by and says "Koooky" lol.

Emmy Girl fan

I am glad of Beyonce Knowles doing the voice of SHINE and also i am a huge fan!!!Don't tell anyone else But I got the DVD of Wubb Idol

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