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More Fall Fun

Festival Shot Day
One last batch of fall art... These are background paintings for the Pumpkin festival. - Carrie
Autumn Tree Intro
Pumpkin Slide
Pumpkin Stage

All Things Fall

Pumpkin King
It's Thanksgiving day here in the states which means it's fall's last hurrah. I thought it might be a good time to post some very cool pictures from the "March of the Pumpkins" episode. I can never believe how creative our staff of artists get on this show. I think my favorite is definitely the Pumpkin King, but I also love his little candy-corn horse!! What's yours? - Carrie
Pumpkin King Horse
Pumpkin Drummer
Buggy With Pumpkin

Flickr Find!


I found this great Wubbzy 'n' Fleegle homemade plush set on Flickr, today. User lizduong made these two buddies out of fleece as a gift for a little one. They are so adorable! Great job - Carrie

A Lotta Piñata!

A Home Made Pinata for Andrew
Check out this awesome piñata! Little Andrew just turned one and had a Wubbzy party! His Aunt Veronica made this adorable piñata just for him, and he also had a Wubbzy & Friends cake. That is one big piñata and I'd love to have been there for all of the goodies that came out! I hope you had a great first birthday, Andrew, and thanks for the photos. - Carrie
Andrew's First Birthday Cake

An Army of Disco Dancing Wubbzies!

We love Disco Dancing Wubbzy, especially when we have a lot of them around the office! I set them up on my desk the other day and had to take a picture. It is good to work with Wubbzy. ; )



Joy is Crazy for Daizy!

Joy as Daizy
Check out little 5-yer-old Joy! She wanted desperately to be Daizy for Halloween, so her mommy put together this oh-so-cute costume for her. She also made adorable Wubbzy and Widget stuffed buddies to go trick-or-treating with her. They are so adorable and clearly Joy truly loves them. Thanks for the photos gals! - Carrie
Joy and her Plushies

Wubbzy Cake Decorating!


Janice did a really fabulous job making this cake... To check out more of her Wubbzy cake pics, check out Janice's Corner. Wow! Wow! -Angie

Wubbzy Dance Contest!

Wubbzy Dance Contest Submission!

Here at Wubbzy, we are making the very tough decision of choosing our very favorite Wubbzy dancers for the Wubbzy Dance Contest. This is one of the many that I've watched... Isn't he adorable? And such a great dancer! : )

This is a very tight race! -Angie

Carter Turns 4

Carter, age 4

Happy Birthday, Carter! Carter's mommy sent us some great photos. She and a friend made a birthday plush for Carter based on Jenny C's plushy Wubbzy pattern. Check out Carter posing with his serious stash of Wubbzy toys. Also check at the cake that she made for him! Great job guys!! You put a lot of work into Carter's fourth birthday and it shows. - Carrie

Carter's Cake

Connor Rocks Widget

Connor as Widget
OK, folks, every time I get a homemade Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! costume, they just keep getting better! Look at Connor - this is SO GREAT. First of all, he looks just like Widget - Mom and Dad did a great job putting this costume together for him... I love, LOVE the ears. Second - Connor looks like the happiest kid in the UNIVERSE in his costume. I'm sure that people couldn't get enough of this getup. Great work on the costume and I sure hope Connor had fun (though the photo leaves me with little doubt). Does anyone have a Walden or Daizy costume out there?? - Carrie