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Wubbzy Pumpkins!

Look at this creative masterpiece! From our friend Jennifer in Michigan! ; ) Happy Halloween everyone!

Wubbzy Pumpkin 001
Wubbzy Pumpkin 002
Wow! Wow! -Angie

Happy Halloween!

I know I get crazy with the Halloween posts, but it's my favorite holiday. It's way too much fun to dress up, and well, the candy is just plain awesome! So we're celebrating today with the entire video from this year's Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Halloween episode.
I really love this video because you can tell that the crew had a lot of fun making it. It's drawn in a slightly different style than most of our episodes, but it's fun and a little bit different. It's nice to shake things up a bit ;) - Carrie

Joellen's Wubbzy Costume!

We received this post from The Wetzel Chronicle and had to post it!

A Family Tradition

My mom was the queen of Halloween costumes. She took great pride in creating just the perfect, unique get-up for her kids. Even when I was just four months old she dressed me as Humpty Dumpty and put me on her shoulder. Of course she was dressed as a wall.

One day I came home from school and she was pulling a papier mache Snoopy head out of the oven. I thought she had lost it, but she was proud of her creation.

I was a bit concerned. That Snoopy head wasn’t perfectly smooth like the masks in the boxed costumes at Big Wheel or Murphy’s Mart. Those were the costumes I always wanted, but she knew she could do better than a plastic coverall and a thin mask attached with an elastic string.

I don’t know that the same holds true, but I think she taught me right because I made Joellen’s costume this year.

When I asked her what she wanted to be, she said “Wow Wow!” In two-year-old speak that is Wow Wow Wubbzy, a rather new cartoon that is all the rage with the pre-school set these days.

I decided that was possible and started making plans (after I found out such a costume could not be Googled).

My husband and sister were afraid for Joellen’s pride, but at Saturday’s costume parade at the Chili-Fest, she wore her costume with pride and walked down the middle of Main Street saying in amazement, “I’m Wow Wow! I’m Wow Wow!”


What an amazing Wubbzy costume! Great work and Great story! -Angie

DIY Piñata!

Playing 016
Jennifer sends us this fabulous How-To so that you can make your very own Wubbzy piñata or decoration. As you can see, her little one, Carl, is enjoying his!

Piñata or Decoration How-T o:

You Need:

  • cereal box
  • glue
  • yellow crepe paper/yellow construction paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • drinking straws
  • tape

Cover the cereal box with construction paper & crepe paper using tape & glue or just use yellow construction paper.
Next build arms, legs and tail with straws, using tape
Go over with crepe paper & draw your Wubbzy face (and don't forget to glue on the ears!)
If using as a piñata just add string to hang from top and opening for candy.

Thanks Jennifer, and I hope that you DIY-ers out there will send your own results! - CarrieOct162008 020

Costumes Galore!

If you caught this morning's Halloween episode of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy you surely got quite the treat (or trick!?). I couldn't get over all of the great and creative costumes that our artists came up with. So much fun! I pulled them all so you guys could check them out in closer detail, because they're totally worth it. - Carrie
Costume1 Costume2

Yep, Matthew Looks 2 Alright!

Wow wow its wubbzy
Matthew turned two recently, and would have NOTHING but a Wubbzy themed birthday party. You can see that Mom & Dad went to lots of trouble and made these totally cool, larger-than-life cutouts (which they markered & crayoned onto giant bulletin board paper). They also made a kickity kickball cake with Wubbzy on top. It looks like so much fun, and I can't get over the "Does this shirt make me look 2?" shirt that Matthew is wearing. Too funny!
Happy Birthday Matthew, and thanks for having Wubbzy at it! - Carrie
Top of the cake

Have a WOW! WOW! Wubbzy Party!

Have a lovely WOW! WOW! WUBBZY party with some of these exciting products... They're available at many different stores, and your little ones will love a Wubbzy party! Who wouldn't?! -Angie


Holy Halloween!

I just found out that a brand spankin' new episode of Wubbzy will be airing tomorrow at 9am on Nick, Jr. for Halloween! I checked it out and it is TOO CUTE for words! I don't want to spoil it, but it is by far one of my favorite episodes now. I'll post more artwork tomorrow, but for now, here is a super quick, sneak peak! - Carrie

Können Sie sagen, 'Wubbzy' in Deutsch?

Holy smokes are these clips great! These are clips of the German-dubbed Wubbzy on YouTube. It is so much fun to see how Wubbzy translates to different languages as he takes over the world!!! - Carrie

Richard Turns Two

October 2008 105
Here is Richard blowing out the candles on his second birthday. As you can see, Richard had a Wubbzy themed party. His mommy did a fabulous job on his cake, and check out the fantastic plush that his Grandma made for him. Richard looks so stunned and excited to see it.
Here's wishing you a happy second birthday, Richard! Give that plushie Wubbzy a hug for me! - Carrie
October 2008 153