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Another Wub Goody!

It's a Wow Wow Wubbzy Doodle Pad!

Your little ones will be able to draw until their heart's content and then erase and start again with this Wubbzy doodle pad! You'll be able to get one just like this in August! Wow! Wow!


Ian's Wubbtastic Birthday Party!

Ian4 Today's post came to me from Ian's mom, Jenni. Ian so badly wanted a Wubbzy party for his 4thIan7 birthday. Since party supplies are still in pretty short demand, Jenni took matters into her own hands! She got creative with a lot of the available graphics on the Nick, Jr. site and used them to make banners and coloring pages. She even made a giant Wubbzy to use for a "Pin the Tail on Wubbzy" game! Jenni also did a fabulous job making heIan8r own Wubbzy cake and used some e-bay rings to top cupcakes. But my favorite has to be their home-made kickety kick balls. Do you believe these?

 Happy 4th Birthday Ian! And congratlations on such a great bash. Hopefully, lots of moms can use some of Jenni's ideas for more wubbzy birthdays. Keep those pictures comin'! - Carrie

Flickr Find - More Cakes!

2329926655_4f1b79d083Today's photo comes from Flickr user Ja-nelle. It looks like someone did a fantastic job creating their own Wubbzy cake - complete with a Kickity Kick ball! How fun! This one looks tasty :D Great job, Ja-nelle! - Carrie

Look at What the Internet Dragged In...

DSCN0502 So the unfortunate thing about releasing all of these great goodies is that a lot of times, we don't really know for sure when things will hit the stores exactly. As far as I know, just about everything we've shown you guys here is due to come out in August this year, but honestly, I couldn't tell you whether it was early, mid or late August :( Sorry. But here's a tip:
GOOGLE! In searching for fun pictures and home projects to post, I found this site that seems to be bulk selling party supplies. That tells me that the party supplies are hitting warehouses, so you should be able to find them in regular stores awfully soon. You'll also start to find things like Wacky Wubbzy and Digi Wubbzy on sites like So get googling and see what you can dig up! If you find them somewhere, leave us a comment! - Carrie

YouTube Songstress


So instead of a Flickr find, today I came across this great video on YouTube. This is a video of Kelsea posted by JUDGIEMATILDA. Kelsea does such a great job singing that she almost seems to wear herself out at the end, there. Great job, Kelsea! - Carrie

High Flying Adventures


This just in! Just this morning we got a demo version of this toy. I'm not sure what you call such a device, but it is LOADS of fun! Great outside toy... Anyway, here we are in the office playing with it the first time. I'd instructed my office-mate Todd to "hit it really hard". Well he sent this Wubbzy out of the park! - Carrie

Zooming to a Store Near You!

Da Da Da Daaaa! Here is the Wubbzy Tooter Scooter! I have a feeling this going to be a big hit with the kids. It's due out in August, so keep your eyes peeled for it. Can't you just see your little one riding around town on this sweet scooter? -angie DSC00645

More Big-toys


This week we've veered away from the party supplies on to bigger and better goodies! Today, I'm showing you this AWESOME Daizy toy! I know you guys haven't spent much time with our new friend Daizy, but you still can't resist her crazy Daizy ponytails!

WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! Coming to DVD!

You've been waiting, and it's almost time! Wubbzy is coming to DVD on September 23rd! Wow! Wow!

Wubbzy ocard


The Best Toy EVAR


Oh my gosh, folks. I am so excited to be the one to share this with you. I give you.... (drumroll)
DISCO DANCING WUBBZY!! This little fella is SO COOL I can't handle it. Watch the video above to see the Wubbster in action!