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New Crew Review!



Wow! Long time no post.
I can't believe that I actually let producing the show get in the way of blogging! Where are my priorities?

Well, over the past couple of weeks we have had a number of people start working on the show and I'd like to introduce a couple of them to you now.

The ruggedly handsome young man in the white shirt goes by the name Mac Whiting. And the dapper fellow in yellow is Jaime Velasquez .
They are part of team that will be handling the Flash assets on the show.

They also happen to be young and single so it's always great fun to hear about their wild bachelor exploits in and around Hollywood.
And yes ladies, I did say they are single.

More on these fellas and their work later.

Ms. Scan-a-lot!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week but I was busy finishing up the storyboard for our first episode.

Now that the board is done, we have to scan it in order to build the animatic.
It's a big storyboard so there is lots of scanning to be done. And, that meant that our new intern, Ariella Kaplan, was very busy on her first day of work. But she did it all with a smile on her face (at least while I was in the room).

Thanks Ari!


Hero Shot!





These are some rough sketches for what is being called a "Hero shot".
You know that one iconic image that gets used over and over.
Having three main characters to service definitely presents a challenge.

Mouthing off!

We are just getting started on the voice casting process but we have plenty of mouth shapes just waiting to go!

Every show handles mouth movement a little differently.

In keeping with the style of our show, the mouths on our characters will be fairly simple and straight forward.

Random Storyboard Panels


No big news to post so here are a couple of board panels involving Walden's aquarium.